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From the largest tank in Europe to the downright bizarre, this article rounds up some of my favourite aquarium designs in the world today. Since aquarium ownership has boomed, many people turn to custom aquarium manufacturers to design increasingly impressive tanks. These amazing spectacles are used to create both atmosphere and the best of the best when it comes to first impressions. Hotels, business suites, health spas and restaurants are to name but a few of the sectors that are using aquariums to benefit their working environments. If you've ever wandered about what is possible with aquarium design, have a read through this article and see what's achievable.

Europe's Largest Aquarium

This title is taken by a company called Heron International, a property group based in London. To add a bit of spice to their Bishops gate office reception they decided to commission Europe's largest privately owned aquarium. The aquarium is 12m x 2m x 4m, made of acrylic and was manufactured in Colorado USA. In fact, this tank is so large that when it was shipped to the UK, it had to be carried on it's side in order to fit under bridges.

The Fish Highway

Wow is all I can say about this one! The fish highway is an absolutely amazing aquarium based in a bar in America. The highway allows fish to leave one tank, swim along a network of tunnels alongside the ceiling and walls, and then down into another aquarium the other side of the bar! You don't get much cooler than that for a novelty aquarium design! For anyone interested in aquaria or even physics, this aquarium is certain to impress.

The World's Largest Cylindrical Aquarium

This aquarium is quite simply huge! The Aqua Dom is positioned in Berlin, Germany and has a transparent elevator in the middle transporting people to the top. The aquarium is 25 meters tall and has a capacity of 900,000. As you expect, such a feat of engineering doesn't come cheap and the total bill for this tank came to a whopping 12.8 million Euros. Perhaps the most interesting feature are the ever present divers who manually clean and maintain this aquarium to an extremely high standard.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

Oh yes, Dubai is not exactly known for doing things in half measures. The shopping mall in Dubai features the world's largest aquarium measuring up to a huge 167ft by 66ft with a capacity of 10 million litres! Unfortunately though it is probably most famous for it's slight leak that happened on the 25th February 2010. Thanks to the fast response, the tank was saved and no-one was injured. The aquariums 33,000 living creatures continue to live another day!

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Amazing Aquariums

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This article was published on 2010/10/04