Aquarium Light For Attractive Aquarium at Home

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Aquarium is becoming popular for the people who love fishes (not to eat) and wish to care them. These are transparent vivariums which contain fishes and various water-dwelling plants. Often used to keep not only fishes but also some other sea creatures such as invertebrates, amphibians, marine mammals, turtles, etc. amongst others. Those who own fish or maintain an aquarium are called aquarist. Generally, the aquarium is made using strong glass or high strength acrylic plastic so that it does not break away easily.

Importance of Aquarium Lights

Aquarists wish to give attractive look to aquarium and for that they buy aquarium lights which help in beautifying it by introducing aquarium plants. There are low light aquarium plants which need quite less maintenance and flourish well under low lighting. Thus, these plants only improve the oxygen level in the water filled in aquarium but also add beauty. Colorful aquatic plants can be used to give colorful look to aquarium.

Thus, aquarium lighting is being used to illuminate the tank. This also used to support life in reef aquariums. There are various kinds of aquarium lights, one of them is freshwater
aquarium light which come in two forms i.e. screw-in style incandescent bulb, and normal output fluorescent lights. Depending upon specific use, the decision can be made whether screw-in style incandescent bulb has to be used or normal output fluorescent lights have to be used. Cost-effectiveness and durability too should be given a consideration when decision has to be made.

Generally, screw-in compact fluorescent bulbs are used in freshwater aquaria for the reason that these provide attractive bright light that is quite suitable for the aquarium put in dark areas in home or hotels. On the other hand, traditional screw-in style bulbs do not provide bright light and these should be put in open and sunny areas. In order to encourage plant growth in aquarium compact fluorescent bulbs or high output T5 bulbs are used. The same purpose can be fulfilled by metal halide lamps that help plants gain some energy for growth.

Strong light sources are required in freshwater set-ups for the reason that plants inside them cannot survive without it. Additionally, the strong light sources help plants by offering better spectrum than traditional ones. Though, such lights may consume more electricity, it can be justified by the contribution these do in the growth of plants and life inside aquarium.

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Aquarium Light For Attractive Aquarium at Home

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Aquarium Light For Attractive Aquarium at Home

This article was published on 2011/07/27