Freshwater Aquarium Setup Tips and Guidelines

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Freshwater aquarium setup is not an easy task and requires a sufficient investment of time and money. You have to take proper responsibility and care for the fishes and the plants in the aquarium. This is a very vital step that you have to understand and remember before you prepare for the setup.

If this is the first time you are going to set up an aquarium then it is better to start with a freshwater aquarium because it is much easier to maintain a freshwater aquarium than the saltwater aquarium. Begin with deciding the place where you will keep the aquarium.

Then choose the size, style and design of the aquarium and keeping a balance between the stand and the weight of the aquarium is very important. After you have purchased the aquarium you must clean it properly but don't use soap. If the soap deposits remain then it can be injurious for the fishes. Now you will have to buy the equipments for the aquarium like the filter, heater, additional lights etc. Then arrange for the aquarium plants, different decorations, and gravel and properly clean these elements. After washing all the items are over you must place all these elements to the aquarium, and then slowly insert water to the tank.

The water must be free of chlorine and you must not fill the aquarium entirely with water. After adding water get ready to put the equipments. After this you must wait for some days and wait for the elements to create a suitable environment for the fishes. During this time the nitrogen cycle must start up. After some days it is now time to add fishes to your aquarium. Don't add too many fishes at the same time.

Start with single or two fishes so that the filtration system gets adjusted. Letting the fish getting acquainted with their new home and environment is very essential. They often get stressed out and so you must learn how to let them adjust to the new environment. The freshwater aquarium setup must conclude with proper maintenance of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

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Freshwater Aquarium Setup Tips and Guidelines

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This article was published on 2010/04/03